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Guangzhou Tubao Pickleball Sports Factory is located in Guangzhou, China, focusing on the R&D, design, manufacturing and production of pickleball paddle. Products include: fiberglass pickleball paddle, carbon fiber pickleball paddle, one-piece pickleball paddle, wooden pickleball paddle, pickleball, pickleball blocks, pickleball semi-finished paddle and other accessories.

The fashion charm of pickleball has set off a wave of popularity in North America and quickly entered thousands of households! With the demand for high speed, players have more and more stringent requirements for the quality and performance of pickleball rackets. Guangzhou Tubao Pickleball Sports Factory uses exquisite craftsmanship to integrate innovation into every product manufactured. "Applied physics" is used in every design to design and optimize – the technical positioning of the racket and the point of contact, from design, innovation and production to in-house by our own engineers. We cooperate with the top pickleball racket league to actively explore better design, improve better performance solutions, and manufacture pickleball rackets with superior performance and stable quality.
Guangzhou Tubao Pickleball Sports Factory
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