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Guangzhou Tubao Pickleball Sports Factory is located in Guangzhou, China, and its products include: glass fiber pickleball paddle, carbon fiber pickleball paddle, one-piece pickleball paddle, wooden pickleball paddle, pickleballs, pickleball blocks, pickleball semi-finished paddle and other accessories.


                                                                    Honest and reliable   


Positive, self-disciplined and diligent corporate values


                                                                Unite people of insight   

                                                      Pragmatic, low-key, and work together


                                                                My clients grow with me     

                                                           Achieve a common sports career

Quality assurance
We have always believed that quality is the foundation of the brand, quality is the guarantee of customer life, the company's research and development, production, service and other related personnel with a high sense of responsibility and mission, full insight into every bit of detail, from accessories to product assembly, have established strict quality standards, and have been effectively implemented, with excellent quality and mature management system has won the recognition of international authoritative certification bodies.

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As a manufacturer of high-performance professional pickleball paddle, we provide advanced equipment for events that are proven to make the sport faster, more precise, and more strategic. Since the establishment of Guangzhou Tubao Pickleball Sports Factory, it has been committed to the development and support of pickleball in the professional field.

QQ:244959388 Email:tzm8888@21cn.com Tel:86-13760718687 Address:Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Shawan Longwan Xiaxia Industrial Zone



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